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Becoming Orthodox

Do you want to be an Orthodox Christian?

Interested in learning about an Orthodox Christian way of life? Become an Inquirer.  The first step is to experience the Eucharistic Assembly at the Sunday Divine Liturgy.  Then, introduce yourself to the priest and just talk. There is no formal commitment made by simply being an InquirerStart attending the other Prayer Services, they may be long but they are beautiful, and helpful: lex orendi lex credendi 'we pray what we believe."  You will learn a lot through them.  

Take the time needed as an Inquirer to familiarize yourself with Orthodoxy through study, reading, meeting people and seeking out discussions. Meet with the priest for discussions about your questions too. At All Holy Spirit there are always ongoing adult educational opportunities, whether a Bible Study, a class, or a lecture, and plenty of opportunities to open up a relationship.

You may eventually decide to become a Catechumen. There is a special Catechumenate Service for the inquirer who decides to seriously pursue membership. This step can be likened to an engagement to us–you are not yet a member, but you have made an intentional commitment to pursue that goal. You can choose a sponsor (godparent), or the priest will set you up with someone, who will serve as an example and guide, your "first friend in the faith." Also choose a patron saint as an intercessor and example to set before you, as we are all "one in Christ" and "alive in Christ."  These relationships become integral to rooting you more firmly in your new spiritual home.

Together with the priest, or a small group, you will go through a short class.  After its completion, if you decide to join us, you will prepare a "lifetime confession," which helps both you and your father confessor gain a better understanding of where you are coming from.  This first Confession will help you see yourself where you are, as you look at where you have been.  As you continue confessing your sins, you will constantly be opening up yourself up to the Grace of God and His healing love that was promised to His faithful.

Usually you are a Catechumen for a liturgical period (about 6 months) at which time you will be brought into the Church by Baptism and/or Chrysmation. These beautiful Services bring you to the Gateway of a new life; an official beginning of greater access to God by the power of His Son as an adopted, full member of His Body, and a participant in the Eucharist.

Becoming an Orthodox Christian is a life changing experience. There is a unique beauty in parish life and joy in finding your own personal way to contribute to it. The best part about the Christian life is that there is no limit to an individual’s growth in Christ. Each member of the body of Christ is called to be a saint, that is, a person who becomes united with God and by Grace becomes a new man, a new woman, a new creation.

God has called you to His Church.







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In our continuing effort to accomplish our long-term goals, All Holy Spirit Greek Orthdox Church holds Sunday, Divine Liturgy at St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, 5050 Harrison Street. For Services and Activities times and locations, see the Parish Calendar